San Jose Top Picks & Free Experiences

Free experiences in Chepe

1.National Theatre’s lobby. You can get inside one of the most iconic places in the city, see part of the original statues and art of this interesting place with no cost.

2.Central Market. Visit Central Market, walk in its narrow alleys full of fruits, vegetables, meats, coffee and different flavors. Try one of the country’s most famous ice cream shops, “Heladería de Lolo Mora” (Since 1901) as well as one of the many “sodas” (informal traditional small restaurants, we suggest “Soda Tala”) inside Central Market.

3.Museo Calderón Guardia. Once the house of a former Costa Rican President, today a museum with history and art. No entrance fee.

4.Museo de Arte Costarricense (Costa Rican Art Museum). Formerly an airport facility, today an interesting  art museum at La Sabana Metropolitan Park.

5.Wednesday Night Free Bike Tour. Every Wednesday, 7pm at Parque España.

3 Must-Try Eats at Chepe

1.Lolo Mora’s ice cream. Located inside Central Market since 1901 and since then one of Costa Rica’s favorite ice cream. After more than 115 years only one ice cream flavor is available and you don’t need more to be happy.

2.Empanadas El Frontón. Since 1948 one of San José’s most traditional empanadas. Filled with meat, “chicharrón”, beans and much more. There’re 3 shops in downtown San José.

3.Chifrijo. Famous “boca” (tapa), you can find it in a “cantina” or even in nice restaurants. It is made of rice, beans, “pico de gallo”, avocado, tortilla chips and “chicharrón” (with different variations). Our suggestion: “Río de Janeiro” in Barrio México or in “Bar Ballestero” in Barrio Amón.